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Easter Monologues. Ideal for your Easter Church service! Length: 10 minutes (total, approximately) Cast: 3 male / 2 female Five new Easter monologues that explore the events of Easter from the experiences of five people who were there: Judas, Peter, Mary (Mother of Jesus), John, and Mary Magdalene. Lent and Easter adult dramas, sketches, and dramatic readings.

Easter Monologues. Length: 10 Minutes (Total, approximately) Cast: 1 - 5 About the Writer Simon Beckham is a professional playwright and director. His plays and dramas have been produced throughout the English speaking world. Easter. An interpretative drama that demonstrates God's love in an effective and moving way. May have uses for Easter. (Author: Glenn A. Hascall) Mary Monologue Dur: 10min D 1F A monologue, in which Mary the mother of Jesus reflects on the events of the first Christmas and of the first Easter.

ONE ACT PLAY FOR EASTER A one act of the trial of Jesus in a modern courtroom. Jesus was either a magician, a devil, or the Messiah. What will you decide? Script has a courtroom feel and a fast pace. Witnesses testify against Jesus on different accounts of scripture. Great to get students involved or adults as the jury. The Heart of a Christian Playwright has been providing quality Christian Play Scripts for Easter, Christmas and General Productions, as well as Custom Writing and Self Publishing Services for over a decade. Explore the play scripts, movie scripts, and other services we provide to .

Easter & Lent Plays Children's Easter & Lent Children's Easter Musicals Tenebrae Plays and Services Easter Monologues Pentecost Plays Christian Plays and Musicals Children's Plays & Pageants Musicals Secular Plays Dinner Theatre Scene Collections Monologues & Readers Theatre Parables Puppet, Clown, Mime Cricket County Plays Women, Mother-Daughter. Feb 28, 2013 · This free Easter program script is ideal for small churches. Setting: Amy & Derrick are playing in their house talking excitedly about Easter tomorrow. They are talking about the material parts of Easter: eggs, bunnies, baskets, candy, egg hunts, etc. Mindy overhears their conversation and steps in to tell them the true story of Easter.4.3/5(3).