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Introduction to Adult Guardianship ‘Frameworks’ Adult guardianship in BC involves two separate approaches or ‘frameworks’: A framework for assisting abused and neglected adults A framework for the appointment of and authority of personal and property guardians The first approach or framework is for situations where a vulnerable adult is unable to seek support and assistance . • Adult Guardianship Act – outlines BC’s response to adult abuse, neglect and self neglect by designated agencies, and the process by which health authorities issue certificates of incapability as a last resort, resulting in the Public Guardian and Trustee becoming an adult’s committee of estate for financial and legal matters.

(3) On being advised that the Public Guardian and Trustee is an adult's statutory property guardian, (a) the adult, or a person acting on behalf of the adult, may request, within the prescribed time, a second assessment of the adult's incapability conducted by a qualified health care provider in accordance with prescribed assessment procedures, and. Adult Guardianship Adult guardianship applies in situations when an adult needs assistance making decisions and informal help is not sufficient and there is no Representation Agreement (and/or Enduring Power of Attorney) in place. There are two ways adult guardianship can happen in BC: Some.

ADULT GUARDIANSHIP ACT. The abuse and neglect provisions of the Adult Guardianship Act establish a process for providing support and assistance to abused or neglected adults. This Act allows for the investigation of and response to concerns of abuse, self abuse and neglect through a designated agency (usually the Regional Health Board). The Bloom Group Adult Guardianship Program 315 B Powell Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1G5. Pension Trustee – Certified Incapable of Managing Finances. This allows us to administer pensions for individuals who are incapable of managing their finances. A referral must include an original Certificate of Incapability completed by a medical doctor.