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Financial Aid. SMCC is committed to help you find affordable ways to finance your education. Our students are awarded $28.9 million in financial aid, are eligible for up to $5,815 each in free Pell Grants, and receive an average of $5,000 in loans every year. To learn more, visit our Financial Aid webpage. Beautiful & Convenient Locations. FEDERAL STUDENT AID FOR ADULT STUDENTS Are you an adult considering college? Do you need help paying your education expenses? If you miss a financial aid deadline (federal, state, or school) you may miss out on aid. information to award state and college or career school aid, and some have deadlines as early as February for the.

Emergency Financial Aid. Emergency financial aid for college students comes in a variety of forms, and addresses a number of different circumstances. Keep in mind, this is aid for students in extreme circumstances, or in a time of crisis. It does not apply to students who have not adequately planned for their financial needs. Lessons from the Dreamkeepers and Angel Fund Emergency Financial Aid Programs. provided emergency financial aid to community college students at risk of dropping out because of financial emergencies. The programs were multiyear pilot projects administered, respectively, by Scholarship America and the American Indian College Fund.

Yes! You can afford college! Financial Aid Links from ASG/7 Financial Aid FAQs. You’re not a traditional student, so chances are, you may not have access to some of the traditional means to pay for school, such your parents or all those scholarships offered to high school seniors or star athletes. The Westchester Community College Emergency Aid Grant was established to assist students who have sudden, unforeseen financial emergencies. This Grant is a one-time award given to students who are experiencing a temporary financial crisis to enable them to remain enrolled at Westchester Community College. Eligibility for the Grant. Students.