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mumps adult complications - Possible Complications Regarding Mumps In Adults

Mumps can occasionally cause complications, especially in adults. Complications include: inflammation of the testicles (orchitis) in males who have reached puberty; rarely does this lead to fertility problems. inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) inflammation of the . Complications of mumps happen more often among adults than children, and may include: Meningitis or encephalitis. Inflammation of the membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord or inflammation .

Complications of Mumps Pancreatitis, deafness, and the inflammation of various structures (such as the ovaries, testicles, or brain) are potential mumps complications that may occur as a Author: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD. Mumps is a viral infection that is known for producing painfully swollen salivary glands, fever, and headache. Mumps can be mild, especially in children, or have no symptoms at all. There is a greater risk of complications for those who are infected after puberty, including testicular and ovarian inflammation.