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Improvising with Flatpicking Licks by Curtis Jones is a free video lesson for bluegrass guitar. We will learn three flatpicking guitar licks in three different keys. We will then play the licks over jam tracks of the bluegrass classics Way Downtown and 9 Pound Hammer. You can use these licks in other bluegrass songs as long as you’re in the right key. Flatpicking Bluegrass Licks Arranged for guitar by Steve Krenz Here are a few great flatpicking licks that can be used in a bluegrass or country setting. The first bluegrass lick in E is notated as played in the March 2011 Newsletter Tip Video. The second lick in F can be moved to any key by using the lowest note as a moveable root.

Bluegrass Guitar Lessons. Learn how to play bluegrass rhythm guitar and flatpicking solos! These free lessons will teach you the techniques, scales, and songs that have helped Bluegrass remain a cherished form of acoustic music. Each lesson features detailed video instruction or tabs that you can use to improve your playing ability. Bluegrass Guitar Lessons. Search. My Favorites.

Fill‐in licks comprise a special category of phrases that are treated by bluegrass banjo players with special reverence. You call upon a fill‐in lick when there’s a break in the musical activity of some kind, as when a singer takes a breath between the lines of a song lyric. You can also use one or [ ]. Dan Geib provides free bluegrass guitar lessons and free bluegrass guitar tabs for flatpicking guitar players and bluegrass guitar players. Bluegrass guitar chords, bluegrass tabs, bluegrass scales and bluegrass licks are here.

Flatpicking Bluegrass Guitar Player Dan Geib provides free flatpicking tabs for flatpicking guitar lessons and bluegrass guitar lessons. Dan Gibe is a flatpicking bluegrass guitar player for hire and has been featured in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. This site provides bluegrass guitar tabs bluegrass tabs flatpicking guitar tabs.