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Rumble strips are divided into transverse rumble strips, shoulder rumble strips, and centerline rumble strips, depending on how they are used. Transverse rumble strips are placed in the travel lanes where most if not all vehicles will cross them. They are used to alert the driver of an upcoming intersection, toll booth or similar hazard. transverse rumble strips. “Support: Transverse rumble strips consist of intermittent narrow, transverse areas of rough-textured or slightly raised or depressed road surface that extend across the travel lanes to alert drivers to unusual vehicular traffic conditions. Through noise .

Our raised rumble strips are ideal to delineate gores, bike & pedestrian lanes, and road shoulders to help prevent lane departures and run-off-the-road accidents. Available in standard white & yellow with custom colors available by special order. Our rumble strips feature solid uni-body construction which eliminates any hollow areas that can crack or crush when impacted. Although research suggests that milled rumble strips are the most effective application type, raised rumble strips have been applied in States with warmer climates in cases where milled rumble strips cannot be installed. Raised rumble strips include side-by-side raised pavement markers, rumble bars, or plastic inserts within thermoplastic.

Transverse rumble strips are placed in the driving lane as a warning device alerting drivers about the need to take action. Transverse rumble strips, having a definite role as a traffic control device to enhance safety, should be considered as enhancements to warning signs such as the Stop Ahead (W3-1) or the various Curve (W1 series) signs. Rumble strips take a number of different forms, and can be produced by cutting grooves within the pavement surface, or by adding plastic bumps (or ribs) to the road. Transverse rumble strips (also referred to as bar markings) are placed across the traffic lane to alert motorists to hazards ahead (such as bends, intersections or areas of.